My Australian Story: Six Seconds Newcastle Earthquake


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I could hardly see. There was dust and smoke everywhere. I was falling, sliding down into a gap that had opened up between parts of the collapsed building. It was dark and silent. all I could hear was the sound of my own breathing, and my beating heart thumping in my ears. Then I heard the cry again… the cry for help. Growing up by the beach in Newcastle in 1989 means footy, sandcastle competitions and school. Michael’s mum is a journalist and his small world gets bigger as he starts to pay attention to the news. His interest turns into anxiety and obsession as Michael begins to see the world as a dangerous place that is fast collapsing around him. When the Berlin Wall comes down, most see it as a sign of change and freedom but Michael isn’t convinced. But when an earthquake hits his home town, Michael discovers that the worst that can happen is not always as bad as your fears.

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