The Pug Who Wanted To Be A Unicorn


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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn . . . When she’s abandoned just before Christmas, Peggy the pug puppy is taken in by a foster family with a unicorn-mad little girl named Chloe. Her older brother Finn, doesn’t little dogs. And Chloe wants a unicorn for Christmas, not a puppy.

Believing that anything is possible, Peggy decides that she will somehow turn into a unicorn to make her new friends happy. All she needs is a long silky mane, a glowing horn, and the ability to do magic! Easy-peasy, right? But all of Peggy’s attempts to turn into a unicorn go hilariously wrong. From knocking over the Christmas tree to getting lost in the snow and accidentally stealing the show at the nativity play, Peggy remains a pug.

How will she ever find a forever home if she can’t change who she is?


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